A leading smart technology region

The Greater Stavanger region is the energy capital of Europe; it has the status of a European smart city lighthouse (one of 24 cities in Europe); and it was the birthplace of the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster for welfare technology. Furthermore, the region has a high level of digital service development and provision, due to its high-speed digital infrastructure (more and more households now have 1GB in/out).

The Stavanger region is regarded as one of the most innovative regions in Norway; for ten years in a row it has been recognised as the best business region in Norway (NHO); and it has a tradition of close triple-helix cooperation amongst businesses, academia and the public sector. The region aims for a high degree of knowledge transfer between sectors and areas of business, such as subsea to space, space to health, offshore to onshore services.

The region also hosts the largest Smart City event in the Nordics, Nordic Edge Expo.

The Stavanger Triangulum consortium consists of the Stavanger municipality, Lyse, the University of Stavanger, Greater Stavanger Economic Development and Rogaland County Council. In the Stavanger area, one district in particular – Paradis/Hillevåg – is going to be transformed into a living lab as part of the Triangulum project. Within this area, substantial changes will take place in buildings – for example, 100 private homes will be fitted with integrated solutions and smart generic gateways. Services will include heat and light control, innovative video solutions, security/safety features and charging for electric vehicles. Stavanger regards smarter homes as a crucial part of building a smart city, due to the opportunities for enabling the inhabitants being part of the process of developing the smart city.

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