DEA chose the Stavanger region for further growth

The international oil and gas company DEA recently chose to open a new office in the Greater Stavanger region. The choice of location was based on their business growth plans as an operator, as well as the proximity to partners, operators and authorities, along with a specialized labour market for further recruitment.

From DEA’s perspective, Stavanger meets these criteria, says Kjetil Hjertvik, Communications Manager at DEA. The region forms an excellent basis for the creation of a single DEA corporate culture and further growth in Norway. The benefits of having an office in Stavanger:

• All major operators (Statoil, ExxonMobil, Total, Shell, ConocoPhillips etc.) are located in the Greater Stavanger region, and 85% of the top 20 producers.

• All major service companies are located in the Greater Stavanger region.

• Proximity to and well established relationship with the relevant authorities for operators.

• Active engagement by politicians to support Stavanger as an oil and gas capital.

• The oil and gas industry association is located in Stavanger.

• The state holding company for oil and gas (Petoro) has its HQ in Stavanger.

• An established environment for operators (NOFO, OFFB, SOL etc.).

• Easy access to people with operating experience.

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