Inbound delegations

Greater Stavanger operates an Inbound Office that helps you plan and carry out your visit to the Greater Stavanger region and Rogaland County.

A customised itinerary

The Inbound Office welcomes requests for assistance and for help in planning visits from:

  • International and Norwegian companies considering establishing their business in the region/county, seeking partners or a network, looking to familiarise themselves with the regional infrastructure, and so on.
  • International and Norwegian authorities and organisations seeking information and looking to establish contacts with the region/county, for the purpose of the exchange of information, networking and cooperation through delegations, conferences, and so on.
  • Foreign business interests seeking information and contact with regional industry clusters, for the purpose of the exchange of information, networking and cooperation through delegations (country delegations, business delegations etc.).

The Greater Stavanger Inbound Office ensures that fact-finding is carried out systematically, giving excellent opportunities for networking and follow-up and the active use of contacts and networks.

We have a wide professional network of experts at our disposal, who are well acquainted with the business community of the region and county. These experts will listen to the client's needs and assist them in customising an exciting and varied itinerary.

In customising the itinerary for the visit, we focus on combining business visits with culture and nature, to showcase our region as an exciting tourist destination.

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